Saturday, February 26, 2005

pet peeves, pt. 2

if there is any one thing that shakes my faith in humanity on a day to day basis (versus things like the holocaust, which i can avoid thinking about usually), it is leaf blowers.

what jack ass decided that blowing the leaves from their own yard into the gutters, or into their neighbors' yards was an okay idea? who the fuck do they think is going to clean up the leaves? obviously the leaves are going to become a nuisance for someone else, like clogging the gutters and causing flooding, so why not get off your fat ass and just sweep them up? what the hell was wrong with brooms, anyway? it's not like leaf blowers don't still require you to move around. was raking and sweeping that much more labor intensive than hauling that huge blower around? plus, they stink up the entire neighborhood and are loud.

that kind of human ingenuity is why we might just be destined to die the pretty-much-inevitible backlash of outstripping the carrying capacity of the land. it's like littering, this whole mentality of 'yeah, it's my mess, but i don't want to deal with it, so i'll leave it for an innocent stranger.'

me and shannon take his dog to the park all the time and more times than not there is fucking garbage and leftover food from some hispanic family's picnic that they just LEFT AT THE PARK. (racial stereotyping not intended, but if all that's left is pacifico bottles, taco bell hot sauce packets, kentucky fried chicken buckets, empty coke cans, etc. and one sees many families eating the same afore-mentioned dietary garbage, the dots aren't hard to connect.) sometimes they leave used diapers or napkins and stuff. what the fuck is wrong with people?! i saw some dumb looking teenagers eating cookies and doritos, smoking basic cigarettes and being dolts, and they would just wad up their wrappers and toss them on the sidewalk. seriously, who the fuck made this behavior acceptable?

i can't believe everyone isn't livid about this! i can't believe that we aren't reading about litter and leaf blower-related assults every day in the newspaper!

ATTENTION, EVERYONE! Pick up your fucking garbage. if you smoke, i will not scold you, but pick up your goddamned cigarette butts. where do you think they go after they're left on the sidewalk? they get stuck to the bottom of my shoe with some asshole's old gum. that's where.

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Friday, February 4, 2005


whoa! i just had a little episode from a teen horror film!
i was taking a shower, singing wham! at the top of my lungs, because no one is home, and i hear this weird thudding noise. so, i cut off my singing and am straining to hear outside. there's what sounds like footsteps in the hallway and what i think is the sliding door to the bathroom opening. i ask, in a quavering voice, "he-hello?" silence. there is, over the next 30ish seconds, a whole bunch of mysterious noises (scrabbling, thudding, swishing... you know. mysterious and onomatopoetic...) i start thinking, "um... what if i didn't close the front door securely? anyone could just push the door open. i am crazy vulnerable, naked in the shower and such... holy crap..." but nothing happens. so, to fortify myself, i move along to the next song on the wham! album, and re-double my singing.

i'm dressed now, so, obviously no one was in the house to kill me, because what kind of a psycho killer would wait til i was dressed to kill me, right? everyone knows that much.

it was still pretty weird, though.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005


everyone was much nicer to me at chorus today. i feel heartened. the music is hard, but it already sounds sweet and we're just fumbling around. it's gonna sound BAD. ASS.

don't worry. i'll let you know the performance dates.

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